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What is Spirometry course

Spirometry course is a course which will teach individuals how to conduct quality spirometry including: knowledge of spirometers, understanding of the ATS/ERS standards for spirometry, quality control, patient instruction and basic interpretation of the results.

Why was Spirometry course developed?

Canadian and international consensus guidelines for the management of asthma and COPD call for routine use of spirometry for the diagnosis and appropriate management of these diseases. In order to meet the need for more access to quality spirometry, RESPTREC course launched a Spirometry course in 2009. The goal of the course is to improve diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory diseases by increasing access to quality spirometry.

Who developed Spirometry course

The course learning objectives and curriculum outline were established by a national expert committee with representation of key groups: Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS), Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals (CRHP), Family Physicians Airways Group of Canada (FPAGC), the Lung Association and various disciplines, in addition to expertise in: guidelines development, technical skills, teaching, and conducting spirometry. The Lung Association of Saskatchewan is responsible for administering the course.

RESPTREC is indebted to the Spirometry course Expert Development Committee for their contributions.

Members of the Committee include:

  • Allan Coates, MC, CM, Eng (Elect)
  • Robert Cowie, MB ChB, FCP(SA), MD, MSc, MFOM
  • Brian Graham, PhD
  • Jan Haffner, BPT, CRE
  • Alan Kaplan, MD, CCFP(EM), Chair - FPAGC
  • Marion Laroque, RRT, CRE, RCPT(P)
  • Dilshad Moosa, B.Sc., RRT, CRE
  • Donna Rennie, PhD (Epidemiology), RN, CAE
  • Jeremy Road, MD, FRCPC
  • Laura Seed, RCPT(P)
  • Pat Steele, RN, RCPT (P) CRE
  • Amin Thawer, RRT, CRE

External Reviewers

  • John Hankinson, PhD
  • Paul Enright, MD

Faculty Training

  • Dr. Bob Crapo

Who can take Spirometry course

Participants must meet the following entrance criteria:

  • Be employed in a setting where spirometry is routinely performed
  • Must be working with or under the supervision of a physician(s) who is able to interpret the spirometry results
  • Have some knowledge of medical terminology and procedures
  • Be willing to provide spirometry results for feedback

If there is a question regarding met criteria, acceptance to the program will be made on an individual basis and at the discretion of the RESPTREC™ Management committee.

What is involved in taking Spirometry course

Spirometry course takes 4 months to complete. The course components include:

  1. Online Learning
    • Learners will be given a login and password to access the online learning component
    • Prior to attending the one-day workshop learners must complete the following in the online learning center:
      • Required readings
      • Pre-workshop quiz (no pass mark required)
  2. One-day Workshop
    • Workshop provides hands-on application and practical training to learn how to conduct quality spirometry
    • Attendance is mandatory
    • Workshops are conducted in many locations across Canada
  3. Post-workshop
    • Learners are required to complete a post-workshop quiz (70% pass mark required)
    • Learners are required to submit 15 spirometry tests for marking (5 per month for 3 months)

All of the above components must be fulfilled in order to receive a diploma. As with other educational institutions, our program requires that each learner complete assignments independently. Plagiarism, the use of material received or purchased from another person or prepared by any person other than the individual claiming to be the author, will result in an incomplete program status. (Adapted from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Policies and Regulations, 2007)

What do I receive at the end of Spirometry course

After all the components are successfully completed, participants will receive a diploma stating that they have completed the Spirometry course. Plans are underway to allow participants to write an international Spirometry Certification exam.

How much does Spirometry course cost?

The Course fee is $550.00 which includes all Course materials. Fees must accompany the registration.

When and where will the workshops be held?

Workshops will be offered in various locations across the country. Please watch for upcoming dates and locations of courses on the website.

Additional spirometry course dates may be considered based on the demand in your area and faculty availability. Please contact if you would like more information.

How do I register for Spirometry course

Please click onto the registration form to complete. Credit card or general receipts will be issued by the accounting department. Requests for duplicate receipts may be subject to a $10.00 administration fee. Official Tax Receipts for tuition are issued at the end of January of each year.

Confirmation of Registration

Following receipt of your registration form and payment, you will be sent an acknowledgement. You will receive the Participants manual six weeks prior to the workshop via courier. At that time your payment will be processed. If the minimum number of participants is not received eight weeks prior to the workshop date, it may be necessary to postpone the course. A new date will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  1. Courses are subject to cancellation by the Lung Association if a minimum number of applications are not received eight weeks prior to the course date. In this case, your payment will not be processed. However, the Lung Association is not responsible for travel or accommodation costs incurred by the individual due to cancellation.
  2. If a transfer to an alternate program, or notice of intended cancellation, is initiated by a participant AFTER the registration form has been received by the Lung Association and PRIOR to the confirmation letters being sent, then an additional administration fee of $200.00 will apply.
  3. If a cancellation request is initiated by the participant AFTER program confirmation letters have been mailed, fees will not be refunded.

This cancellation policy is necessary to ensure the viability of the scheduled workshops and to keep course registration fees as low as possible by avoiding overhead costs to cover potential cancellations.


For registration inquires please contact:
Lori Kleiboer by email at
Phone: (306) 667-3007
Fax: (306) 343-7007
Mail: 1231 8th St E Saskatoon, SK S7H 0S5

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